Want to Buy a Used Jeep?

Are you sure you really want a used Jeep?

Let me see…have you ever driven a Jeep? If so, was it a Wrangler, a CJ, a Cherokee, Jeep truck or one of many other varieties from a long history of unique Jeep vehicles?

I have driven Jeeps for many years, and I can honestly say that most Jeep owners either love their Jeep or hate it. In my observation there is not much middle ground when it comes to Jeeps.

Buying a “used” Jeep may be the way to go if you are just getting started in the world of Jeeps. I say this because new Jeeps can be pretty pricey (even more so than some comparable brands).

Also, buying a used Jeep will give you an opportunity to get to know your Jeep and to find out if this affair is going to last or not…and usually for a whole lot less money than buying new.

Even if this relationship does not work out the good news is that most used Jeeps (especially the Wrangler and the other Jeep 4×4’s) tend to hold their respective values well within the used marketplace.

So now you still think you want a used Jeep in your life. Then what do you do next?

Searching for just the right vehicle of any sort can be a real hassle and sometimes a nightmare. Searching for a good used Jeep can be even more traumatic and time consuming (but not always).

Remember, Jeeps are unique animals in the off road/on road jungle, and thus need to be understood well before approaching for the first time.

The first and simplest rule in finding a good Jeep is choosing the model that will suit your wants and needs as much as possible.

Many times I have known people who just had to have a Jeep Wrangler or a CJ, only to find out that the “Jeep ride” was too rough on the derriere and other delicate parts.

Fortunately, Jeep has produced other more civilized models such as the Grand Cherokee, Commander, Liberty and a few others with comfort options similar to sitting in your favorite recliner sipping a cool iced tea.

Okay, that may be over the top a little, but you get the point. Some of these more “cushy” Jeeps have the 4×4 ability to perform quite well off road as well as on the paved roads…and might seem to suit certain tastes better than the Wrangler or CJ could.

All Jeeps are not created equal so before snagging that used Jeep up the street because it is a convertible, or has big tires, or is just so darned cute…take a deep breath or you might get burned.

Study up on the different models, styles and features that fit your wants and needs, but remember these are “Jeeps” and most are not like your everyday SUV or family sedan.

I personally love Jeeps and often wish I had known more about these great rigs years ago when I sold a really classic Jeep because I didn’t really know exactly what a treasure I had at the time.

So, if a used Jeep is in your future I would highly recommend getting as much information as possible by driving different models (and not just around the block). Really get the experience of the Jeep. Learn all about the pros and cons of any particular model you may be interested in.

Some research can go a long way to save you time and money, so that when you do pull the trigger on a used Jeep, it will be an affair to remember…and that’s a good thing!

I’m Larry Morton and I have professionally written about Jeeps for a long time. I wrote a timely eBook detailing the good, bad and ugly of nearly every Jeep model produced since 1941 through the modern day Jeeps…to help you save a lot of time and money. Check it out for yourself here:


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Or just come join the “Jeep Lovers” fun. Thanks!

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