Surplus Vehicle Guide

When the military vehicles are phased out or substituted after a particular time period then these vehicles are available for the ordinary citizens of the country, for sale through auctions by the government institutions. It is really popular nowadays to purchase the strong and wonderful looking vehicles.

The military has a huge collection of vehicles to sell. You can have everything from the small type Jeep to some massive and big transporter. Have a look at the different types of military vehicles being auctioned in for the ordinary people to buy on sale.

The Jeeps are the most popular amongst the surplus vehicles for sale and are in high demand. The military jeeps actually include the Cherokee, Ford and Willy’s jeep. The accidental vehicles are auctioned too although they are preserved well. Thousands of different types of army jeeps are auctioned after certain time period to the general people especially in United States of America.

The Hummers are the military vehicles which are able to carry heavy loads and heavy duties in all. There is also another military version of these hummers that are popularly known as the Humvees. The Humvees are in huge demand as they are rugged and can be easily put to use in the construction industries, mining industries and other powerful industries.

Staff cars-
The staff cars are also available in auction as the military vehicles. These staff cars before auction were used by the military top level brass and even their maintenance costs high too. Never get faulty while you are thinking of purchasing the staff cars. The military actually maintains a right fleet for these cars in order to carry and transport their higher level officers and other commanders.

The military uses the motorcycles on a regular basis for the dispatch of the riders. The defense forces keep a lot of motorcycles for their use. The military motorcycles are used during parades and inspections by the high position commanders and officers. The military motorcycles are a good deal to go for and that also at rebate price.

Land rovers-
The land rovers are the multi purpose military vehicles and are used actually by the marines and the infantry. The land rovers are actually an important section of the army for their mobility.

The military vehicles are famous for their trucks. These trucks are available in 2, 4 and 6 toners and can be used for both light and heavy weight works. There are huge trucks that are auctioned yearly and half yearly in great deal. For reliable purpose the trucks with 6 wheels and 8 wheels along with double axles are really demanding. The military Trucks can be categorized as light, medium and heavy.

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